Understanding Behavioral Styles to Increase Sales & Management Effectiveness

Ever wondered why you just seem to click with some people and are at odds with others?  You need to understand your Behavioral Style!

Learn what your personal behavioral style is, and then determine the styles of the people you interact with on a regular basis.  Whether you’re working with clients or employees, you’ll learn specific, easy techniques to improve communication, effectiveness, and therefore productivity.

The process is easy.  Take a 10-minute test and answer 24 questions.  This proven, scientific program, which dates back to 1926, will analyze your responses and provide you with a customized and detailed report on your unique style and areas of strength and development.

As Certified Professional Behavioral Analysts, KDA and Associates, LLC will help you develop strategies and goals based on your style to improve every interaction in your professional and personal life.


 “Thank you for the outstanding training experience last week.  I went in a cynic and came out a convert!  It was very enjoyable with immediate benefits.”


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April 30, 2015

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