Customized Training Solutions

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KDA & Associates, LLC is a group of corporate training consultants that specializes in providing highly effective learning solutions to meet the unique needs of sales teams, management teams, operations specialists, and corporate trainers around the country.  Our areas of expertise include Sales, Management, Leadership, Coaching, Facilitation, Presentation, Team Building and Customer Service.

What makes KDA and Associates, LLC unique is our nimble business model, which keeps costs low and speed to implementation fast, as well as our ability to customize our proven content to our various clients unique language, priorities, and culture.  This customization is what leads to the sustainability of the training, ensuring our participants use what they learned long after they left the workshop.  Click on the Clients page to see a partial list of some of our clients.

Our highly interactive workshops in our Professional Development Series have a proven track record of changing behaviors and having a dramatic impact on the morale of the team, as well as the bottom line.  Click on one of the categories to learn more.


Confidence Builder

“This was by far the best training that I have ever received.  Kathleen was awesome!!  I got the most value out of this session due to the active participation.”

Professional Development Series

The “Fabulous Facilitator” Facilitation & Presentation Skills Training How often have you sat through a boring meeting or training session that added no value?  Hopefully none of them were yours!  In order to ensure that you deliver a dynamic and value-added agenda to your team there are some basic and advanced tricks of the trade. The Fabulous Facilitator workshop will teach you those tricks and help you be known as one of the BEST facilitators and presenters ever seen, whether you’re conducting a team meeting, a training session, or presenting to your peers or management team.  By the end of this session you’ll be able to facilitate a meeting on any topic, anywhere, and be Fabulous!

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Management and Leadership Workshops Looking to build a high-performing team?  In order to attract and retain top performers, and to keep them motivated to exceed goals, your management team needs solid management skills and proven management behaviors they can immediately implement.

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Sales Workshops Set your sales team apart by giving them the tools they need to be the best.  The most important benefit of this course is that participants actually get work done while they’re there, meaning we’ll actually make calls to real referral sources to set up appointments and then prepare for those appointments, develop business plans, and time block follow-up activities.

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Understanding Your Behavioral Style to Increase Sales & Management Effectiveness Ever wondered why you just seem to click with some people and are at odds with others?  You need to understand your Behavioral Style!   “Style Selling” and “Style Management” may be the courses for you. Learn what your personal behavioral style is, and then determine the styles of the people you interact with on a regular basis.  Whether you’re working with clients or employees, you’ll learn specific, easy techniques to improve communication, effectiveness, and therefore productivity.

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